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Manson provide professional accounting services which are tailored made to suit the requirements of our clients and are prepared on an efficient and timely basis.

Manson can provide you “Excel template” which can mitigate your burden in accounting workload.


Manson have extensive audit experience in diversified industries including: regulated entity by SFC, software development, e-commerce, apps programming, pharmaceutical & chemical product, law firm, medical practice, drilling construction, property holding, graphic design, landscape design, international trading, veterinary clinic, manufacturing, investment holding, securities investment, restaurants, travel agent, charitable organization, money lender, unincorporated businesses, medical equipment etc.


Manson have extensive experience assisting clients to open traditional bank accounts and virtual bank accounts in Hong Kong and overseas.

Manson can help you to quickly get your business started by guiding you on the right choice of traditional bank or virtual bank for your company and advising on the account opening requirements.


Manson can give you fast, convenient and paperless incorporation experience. You can get the Business Registration Certificate and company Certificate of Incorporation within three hours.


Manson tax services are designed to assist your company to comply with the requirements of Hong Kong tax law and include preparing tax computations and filing Profits Tax Returns with the Inland Revenue Department, advice on Hong Kong tax system, application on the offshore profits claim, application on the certificate of tax resident and the tax implications of your proposed business activities.

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If you need more information on our services, please email Manson at info@mansoncpa.com or whatsapp at 852 – 64628548.