When choosing to do business with others, clients must weigh the necessity. Complementarity is undoubtedly an advantage, but even if it is a long-time friend or relative, relationships and trust must be rebuilt as circumstances change. However, the fact is that the vast majority of commercial losses come from a breakdown of trust. Trust does not collapse overnight; usually, it comes from trivial matters or misunderstandings and escalates until it becomes an “inexplicable” situation.

Our experienced professionals (CPA and Lawyer) have handled many shareholder disputes, from evidence collection, internal investigations, and reasonable mediation to protecting the rights and interests of individual shareholders. We use this experience to assist all parties in reaching consensus as intermediaries at the best time of their relationship when forming new partnership relationships with clients. We can also assist clients in effectively using clear record-keeping methods to establish the company’s future goals and actual situation.

Our professionals have extensive business operation experience, with years of practical experience in equity and financing planning, risk analysis, internal system establishment, internal accounting investigation, and shareholder dispute resolution. They strive to obtain the maximum benefit for a single shareholder, using accounting and data to resolve disputes and achieve reconciliation, while trying to avoid huge legal fees and preserve relationships between shareholders. We also tailor agreements for new shareholders to reduce the possibility of future disputes, increase harmonious working relationships, and build trust.